Design Engineering Makes

Makes = Materials , Tools + Applications.

High-tech, high-touch gear for experts,  educators and individuals that create cutting-edge experiences. 

Creating connections

Our products are futuristic- Our kids make the future.

2D to 3D

Tessellations are everywhere and all over you too

Chemically, Chromically, Creative. Fall 2018

Thermo-, Photo-, Hydro-, well... you will know soon

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We offer materials and tools that let experts run wild in rapid prototyping, low-profile electronic building, and high tech fashion applications and more!


We have have been apart of STREAM education (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) initiatives worldwide since 2009. We work with teachers and institutions to bring them state of the art learning tools and experiences.


Our Makes are for everyone!  Check out our facebook page and see all the AMAZING things being made at our customer's homes. Ages 5 to 105- we know whatever you make going to be awesome... Share it with everyone!