Mission Control Lab removes the barriers between people, culture and education through art & technology. Our products deliver engaging design and systems thinking with our amazing conductive SPACE materials and LAUNCH PAD Series.

With our system we boost wearable fashion technologies, interactive architecture and responsive electronic systems to be created with more expression and cooperation than ever before- this is how we are changing the world of STEAM.

We accelerate rapid prototyping of ideas so they happen faster, more flexibly, and on nearly anything.
The crown jewel of our system is called LAUNCH PAD series. It integrates existing, past, and future hardware .

Mission Control Lab rejects that invention is being smothered by existing, expired, industrialised education methods that oppress and prevent evolution of the world’s people.

Our vision is to transform education by culturing capable, inventive leaders who value their unique contribution and are committed to their role in their world’s economy. Our strength is not that we answer known problems, however, that we equip and enable people to solve their own problems with available technology with empowerment and independence.

We want each child to have first hand experiences at the beginning of their education which demonstrate that regardless of their age, gender, ability, economic status or social position, there is a place in the world that only they can fulfil. This is transformative for the reason that a culture’s dynamic influence intensifies with age and can confounds character development without early intervention.
SPACE Materials
Our SPACE material line lets you put your conductive circuit projects almost anywhere and fast ! In roll and sheet form you can build flexible, low profile, low power DC circuit projects without having to solder! WHA?! 
The soft-durable woven material features conductive adhesive and release paper backing making it perfect for new-to’s and experts alike. You can scissor/ blade-cut, solder, sew, laser-cut, vinyl plotter cut, scrunch and wash it cold. 
Educators, Developers, Wearable Technologist, Makers and Parents love these materials! You can use them to connect to analog and digital components and processors with the resistance being less than an ohm per meter. We developed LAUNCH PAD Series specifically for this purpose- Check them out! 
Our MAKES line features digital and analog inputs(e.g. sensors and switches) and outputs ( e.g. lights and sound) components that let young and old invent tech projects and interactive experiences in a physical- visual method. 
They work great for teaching about principles of coding, hardware, systems design and engineering. Our MAKES make STEAM more social, creative and fun. 
Professionals use these materials for rapid prototyping and IoT product development.
Our LAUNCH PAD Series  is causing revolutionary social impact by decreasing the age appropriate level of tech experiences by 5 years. These pads let you plug in and tape connections to components quickly and reliably using SPACE materials, MAKES, or your own favourite parts! 
This inclusion innovation is changing the world by offering a scalable, consistent, clear line of sight into higher level learning. It pairs with other programs and hardware, embracing ongoing hardware developments and EdTech products. 
Component agnostic, our flexible-fast connections between analog, digital and micro-processor components make it easy to start from no knowledge about electronics and IoT directly into programming Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro:bit, MikroElectronic - Clickboards, Beagle Bone, and much more! 
Our curated KITS get everyone into making! They introduce STEAM concepts with just the right amount of materials you need to get inventing. 
KITS feature bite sized amounts of SPACE Materials, MAKES, and LAUNCH PADs.  
Classrooms and kitchen tables love these kits for cutting edge STEAM experiences for all ages without the fuss and preparation that prevents them from getting started.
THE GAME -  (SPRING 2020) 
Mission Control Lab is currently developing the ultimate curriculum delivery method for STEAM and 21st Century Skills where you work together prototyping the 4th Industrial Revolution in real world locations and scenarios.  
Think-  Hack-a-thon/ Cards Against Humanity/ Hunger Games / Scientific Method / SCRUM / Magic The Gathering / Mad Libs and Monopoly in a card game. 
For classrooms, after school clubs, corporate team building sessions and coffee tables, this game is going to change the way the world learns and about their place in it.